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For WordPress Hosting some important Plugins we need to run the Website smoothly. If we load so many Plugins to our website the website becomes very slow. So find the important Plugin to your website and load Plugins less to your Website. Very important Plugin is Backup Plugin

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Tribulant is the best Software which has good Plugins.
Let us see what are the Top Plugins inside Tribulant Software
Newsletter Plugin: You can create beautiful newsletter with this great Plugin, you can give the best content to your readers

WordPress one click SSL Plugin info: This Plugin has no charge. When you renewal small amount only charged. When you load and enable this Plugin all your Web Pages will be https

Shopping Cart Plugin info: For your online store this Plugin is very useful. This Plugin support Multiple Payment methods for your customers so your customers can choose preferred way of  paying during checkout

WordPress Popup Plugin info:  You can create here Custom beautiful Popup and display wherever you like. You can control where to show these Popup

WordPress Image LightBox Plugin info: You displays your image on the web pages stylish manner with the help of Image LightBox Plugin. Usually, we add image or link to our website but we use this Plugin to our website when the link is clicked  the image is displayed in a very beautiful overlay  with navigational buttons

WordPress WHOIS Plugin info: This Plugin allows your user to search domain names directly from your WordPress Site. Your user get information on vast Range of TLDs

WordPress Banner Rotator Plugin info: With the help of this Plugin you can easily Publish Banner ads on your WordPress  Web site. Easily create banners and view the banners on Administration Panel. You can save unlimited Banner Ads

WordPress Slideshow Gallery Plugin info: You can create best Slideshows  easily and quickly you can put Slideshow Galleries on WordPress Posts and Pages wherever you like

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