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In this Article, I am going to explain What are the free ways to make money online without investment. There are so many ways you can make free money online easily.

Top Ways to get free money online

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What is Survey?
A paid or incentivized survey could be a style of applied mathematics survey wherever the participants/members area unit rewarded through associate strategy, typically entry into a sweepstakes program or a little monetary reward, for finishing one or additional surveys.

Many Companies are trying their new Product with People’s feedback. With this feedback, they decide to improve the Product with your Opinion. For your opinion, they are paying some amount that depends upon your survey length which is called Cash Online Survey

You just go to the Survey sites and sign with your Email id and Password and start the job

First, they will ask some simple question to select for Survey

What are that simple Questions?

Sample Questions:
How many members of your home?
Do you use the Internet?
How often do you use the Internet?
What is your Annual income?
In which State you are living?
How many Mobile Phones you have?

After answering all question they will select for Survey job

Depends upon the Survey length they will pay Money. Anybody can do this job at your free time. No investment needed.

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This is also a good job to earn money online.
What is Website Testing?
Web testing is that the name given to computer code testing that focuses on network applications. Complete testing of a web-based system before going live will facilitate address problems before the system is unconcealed to the general public.

What are needs for Website Testing?
Good Intenet Connection
Desktop or Laptop
A mike to record your voice
Must be able to speak fluently in English
Your Honest Opinion is must

Website testing is a Popular online job. In Website testing, your feedback is required. In website testing, you can earn $10 per test

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What is Product Testing?
Product testing, additionally known as client testing or comparative testing, may be a method of measuring the properties or performance of a product. the idea is that since the appearance of production makers turn out a branded product that they are saying and advertise to be identical inside some technical commonplace.

An example of Product Testing: Company creates a New Product and that company wants to know the Market Approach for that Product. That Company Test their Product and get customer feedback via Report. This is called Product Testing. Anyone can do this job

You will earn between $3 to $120 depends on the Product and Company

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What is Online Tutor?
Online tutoring is that the method of tutoring in an internet, virtual atmosphere or networked atmosphere within which lecturers and learners square measure separated by time and area. If your educational background is good to mean you can go for Online Tutor job and earn handsome income at home.

To become an online Tutor you need a computer and good internet connection at home

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