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What is HTML?

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HTML  is a Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is used to create Webpages and Web Applications on the Internet. You can learn HTML  Language online. HTML Language describes the structure of the web page. Here you will learn about where to learn HTML Basic with a good example.

tutorials point is the popular free Website to learn HTML. This website teaches HTML Language with good examples. HTML Language is easy to learn. This popular tutorial will teach all about HTML and Javascript free. This popular tutorial is created for web designers and web developers to needs to learn HTML Language easily. In this tutorial, examples are easy to understand. These tutorial points have a try it option so we can see the output of HTML code.

What do we need to learn HTML?
For learning this HTML tutorial we need to know about some Computer Basics
How to create a content in a file and save it to computer
Understand what is image and type of image JPEG and PNG
Experience with Notepad text editor
With this Basic knowledge of Computer, you can learn in this tutorials point HTML language

What do we learn about HTML in this popular tutorials?
How to create image for a website, How to Align a text, How to create Meta tags, HTML layout designing, How to create title for the web page, HTML Forms, HTML Blocks, How to create HTML tables for your web page, HTML Frames, HTML backgrounds, How to create Paragraphs for your website, HTML Formatting, HTML Styles, HTML colors, HTML lists, HTML links, Setting Font size to your web page how?. You will learn here all about HTML Basic easily

Learn Javascript in this tutorials point

What is Javascript?
Javascript is a small program that can add it to your web page.
What is the use of Javascript?
With the help Javascript program, you can create Pop-up, drop-down Menu, alert box and more and also you can write small functions using Javascript. In this tutorials points, you can learn external Javascript, Internal Javascript all about Javascript. you will see so many examples for Javascript and also you can test that program output online

This popular Tutorials points will provide online test freely for testing your knowledge of Javascript, HTML. Learn HTML, Javascript in this tutorial and attend the free test and test your knowledge

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